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Greetings Wanderer
The time has come to conquer The Great Himalayas!!! 2020
LMT Adventure Touring unveils
We at LMT understand that with a busy schedule in today’s time, it is very difficult to live your dream while working for it. Not much to say about the sojourn journey to the Great Himalayas is nothing less than a dream for any travel enthusiast. Keeping these points in mind we have crafted minimum 7 different itineraries suiting to your schedule and you have an option of al-carte any. All our 7 itineraries have fixed departures for the month of May,June,August .
You can join for any of these batches or request for a customized itinerary with dates with participation from minimum 6 or more Wanderers.More  batches for the month of , AUGUST AND SEPTEMBER will to be updated soon depending on the availability and requirements. 
To give a gist and simplified view of all Roadtrips –
Ø      Season14: Trip-1(May-June)
1.      25 Days Road Trip to Himalayas
Starts From Mumbai, Ends in Mumbai
 (Mumbai –Amritsar- Srinagar-Kargil-Leh-NubrValley- Pangong TSo Lake- Manali- Kasol-Delhi- Agra-    
Exclusive Touring Date: 31st May to  June 2019

2.     13 Days Road Trip to Himalayas
           Starts From Srinagar, Ends in Chandigarh.       
(Srinagar- Kargil-Leh-Khardungla-Nubra-Changlagla-Pangong Tso-Leh-Tanglangla –Ghata Loops-Keylong-Rohtang –Manali-Kasol-Chandigarh)
Touring Date: 1st June to 13th June 2019

3.      07 Days Road Trip to Himalayas*
           Starts From Leh, Ends in Leh, Covering In and Around Leh.
 (Leh-Khardungla-Nubra-Changlagla-Pangong Tso-Leh)
Touring Date: 4th June-10th June 2019

All the  Road Trip will be held in the month of May,June, August ,September where as the 15 days,13Days,12Days,7Days Road Trips will be continued as the same for the following months till September . You can match your Trip dates as the calendar as and when provided.
Road TripTo Leh Ladakh :
25 DAYS (Mumbai- Leh-Mumbai)
Fixed Departures From Mumbai Every Year
Start From Mumbai and Ends in Mumbai
25 Days Exclusive Batch- 26thMay - 24th  June 2019
Touring Style: Professional Batch
(Mumbai –Amritsar- Srinagar-Kargil-Leh-Nubra Valley- Pangong TSo Lake- Manali- Kasol-Delhi-Agra- Indore-Nashik-Mumbai)
Total Kms : 6500kms(Approx)

Riding Route Details :-
Day 1 : Mumbai- Ahmedabad-Mehsana(31)
Day 2 : Ahmedabad- Johdpur(1)
Day 3 : Jodhpur- Shree Ganganagar(2)
Day 4: - Shree Ganganagar –Amritsar(Stage-1)(3)
Day 5: Amritsar- Wagah Border-Amritsar(4)
Day 6: Amritsar – Jammu-Patnitop(5)
Day 7: Jammu-Patnitop –Srinagar(Stage-2)(6)
Day 8: Srinagar – Srinagar(7)                                                    
Day 9: Srinagar –Kargil-Lamayuru (8)                                         
Day 10: Lamayuru – Leh  (Stage-3) (9)                              
Day 11: - Leh- Leh(10)
Day 12:- Leh- Nubra Valley (11)                                  
Day 13:- Nubra Valley-Turtuk-Nubra(Optional)(12)                                  
Day 14:- Nubra Valley- Pangong tso(13)
Day 15:- Pangong tso – Leh(14)
Day 16:- Leh- Tso-Moriri Lake(Optional)(15)
Day 17:- Tso Moriri –Pang /Sarchu(16)
Day 18:- Pang/Sarchu-Manali(Stage-4)(17)
Day 19:- Manali-Chandigarh(18)
Day 20:- Chandigarh-Delhi(19)
Day 21:- Delhi-Agra(20)
Day 22:- Agra–Agra(Stage-5)(21)
Day 23: Agra-Biaora(22)
Day 24: Biaora-Nihali(23)
Day 25:-Nihali –Mumbai(Home Town)(24)           
6000+ KMS/ Leh -2019 conquered!!!!
Starts from Srinagar ,Ends in Chandigarh.
(Srinagar- Kargil-Leh-Khardungla-Nubra-Changlagla-Pangong Tso-
Leh-Tanglangla –Ghata Loops-Keylong-Rohtang –Manali-Chandigarh)
Touring Date: 6th   June to  17th June  
Riding Route Details :-
Day 1: Srinagar: Arrivals & Collecting Bikes (6)
Day 2: Srinagar-Srinagar(7)
Day 3: Srinagar -Lamayuru-Leh(8)
Day 4: Lamayuru-Leh(9)
Day 5: Leh- Leh(10)
Day 6: Leh-Nubra(11)
Day 7: - Nubra-Turtuk-Nubra(optinal)(12)
Day 8: Nubra Valley-Pangong Tso Lake(13)
Day 9 : Pangong Tso -Leh(14)
Day10: Leh-Tso Moriri(optional) (15)
Day11:Tso Moriri- Pang/Sarchu(16)
Day13:Manali- Chandigarh(18)
Leh conquered!!!!
Registrations Open, Book your slot Choose and plan as per your comfort. However, if you are group of (6) or more then we can do a custom tailor made tour for you. Travel by Bike/ Car
Starts From Leh and  Ends in Leh
(Leh-Around Leh-Khardungla-Nubra-Turtuk-Pangong TsoChangla-Leh)
Touring Date: 4th June-10th June
Day 1 : Arrivals & Collecting Bikes @ Leh
Day 2 : Leh Explore and Acclimatization
Day 3: Leh-Khardungla-Nubra-Hunder
Day 4: Hunder-Turtuk-Hunder
Day 5: Hunder-Pangong Tso
Day 6: Pangong Tso Lake-Leh
Day 7: Leh conquered!!!!  Fly to respective hub with lots of adventurous memories.

Remember how we spoke about being transparent about our Tour Fees. Well, here’s the full-fat details on all that is included in your payment:
Fuel for the entire tenure of the ride*. Yes, that’s right, you don’t have to pay for topping up the tank anywhere during the trip.
Note: * First tank filled by Rider ,we’re being reasonable here, while we’ll still have you covered even if the distance travelled goes up dueto the weather or land-slide diversions, we’d appreciate you being reasonable too. So don’t go on wringing that throttle, wasting fuel & causing a nuisance to everyone, besides increasing the chances of losing painfully against the unforgiving landscape.
 All accommodation shall be on a Twin/Triple sharing basis. The type shall vary, from Rustic Dhabas and Deluxe Hotel Rooms to Tents with a Spectacular View, depending on the availability at the location.
All Meals (Breakfast, Lunch, High-Tea & Dinner). No we’re not kidding, we really shall pay for your four main meals in the day, every day, for the duration of the trip.
Note: Should you get greedy and waste the food, you’ll have to pay for the next big meal, for the entire group –as punishment!
 4 Litres of Bottled Water – and don’t worry, we’ll give you the litre or two more, should you need it, at no extra charge!
Note: We actively encourage refilling water from taps and mountain springs (we do the same). This way you’ll be doing your bit towards protecting this fragile mountain ecosystem and help in not adding to the solid-waste that is generated every day by travelers.
Support :
At LMT Adventure, we believe in being prepared for every eventuality. Which is why, you’ll be accompanied by staff who can tackle a wide range of electrical, mechanical & human breakdowns. You’ll also have an expert Guide & RoadCaptain with a bike who’ll know the landscape as well as the locals.
 A full Medical Kit with O2 cylinders shall accompany the group on each day of the trip.
 All inner line permits that you’ll need on your trip shall be included in the Tour Fees.
 All tune-ups and associated bike set-up required.
In Addition to all these, you’ll also get:
 A completion certificate from LMT Adventure Touring (makes for a nice frame-up memento)
2 Event T-shirts to remember this amazing trip and to remind you to start planning your next one, as you return to your workstation.
 A special discount on Motorcycle Touring Accessories at LMT Store!                                
The below mentioned charges are the ones that you’ll have to arrange for, out of your own pocket and are not included in the Tour Fees.
 Bike Rental and Security Deposit (Optional)
 Airfare/Train/Bus Fare to/from your originating hub.
 Extra Transportation that’s not mentioned in the itinerary above.
 Any Expense incurred due to force majeure.
 Items of personal nature (tips, room service, laundry, mineral water, alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages, phone calls, additional sightseeing tours / excursions not included in the itinerary etc.).
 Rate hikes beyond our control – This’d include fees & taxes payable to the Government, Entrance Charges and intra/interstate taxes.
 Extra days too shall be charged additionally, and the tour price will be amended in accordance with the same.
 Any items / services not specifically mentioned in the 'Inclusion' column
Important Notes:
 LMT Adventure Touring & Road Baron Adventure Terms and conditions applicable.
 All sightseeing is subject to weather conditions/ political conditions at the destination.
 Trip schedule is subjected to change as per road& weather conditions. It is advisable to take an extra day or two of leave from the workplace, to account for any eventuality.
 All decisions shall be at the exclusive discretion of the LMT Adventure Team and it shall be binding and final on everyone.
 The Tour Fees mentioned are for Indian Nationals only. Should you be arriving from an international
destination for the trip with us, we’ll be more than happy to work out an exclusive package for you.
 It is mandatory to carry a valid government approved photo identity card (Passport / Driving License / VoterID card) at all times for the duration of the trip.
*Bikes Rent Includes for riders participation for the 7 Days Road Trip.
MUV (Toyota Innova or Mahindra Scorpio or Similar) to accommodate family member who wish to accompany on the expedition but can’t ride (Charges Apply)
*NOTE : - Both Bike and Car will join. If you wish to rent Car or Bike then the option is Available. Kindly ask for Quote to  Dheeraj @ +91 9833020821 + 91 9833106900
Please provide email id for complete details or contact  
info@lmtadventuretouring.com ; lmtadventuretouring@gmail.com

For more queries please feel free to Call or Whats App us on
+91 9833020821 @ Dheeraj Landge (DJ BILLA)
+91 9833106900 @ Eshan Banodkar (DOCTOR)
PS- DJ BILLA & DOCTOR are just given nick name and not profession.
Looking forward to see you for a Ride Of A Life Time.
Experience the True Beauty of Ladakh like a True Biker.
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